4.5 Star Rating

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Here at Cree Pastoral, we utilize the benefits of BREEDPLAN to identify and multiply the occurrence of high-performance animals. Many of these traits are impossible to identify by “eye” and are hard to measure. Often these important profit driving traits are negatively correlated to the popular selection criteria utilized by purchasers using raw data. It is important to understand that raw data is only the objective measurement of that animal and cannot be compared to animals even run in the same mob unless they are of the same age and have had the same opportunity whole of life.

BREEDPLAN on the other hand takes that raw data and adjusts for age and the heritability of each trait, allowing for accurate comparisons between animals of different ages and preparations. EBV’s denote the genetic potential irrespective of environment.

BREEDPLAN is the only “quantifiable” way to measure genetic progress. With the necessary obligations of acquiring 200-, 400- and 600-day weights along with measuring EMA’s, rib and rump fat depths, IMF scans, scrotal sizes and recording days to calving EBV’s and flight time, BREEDPLAN allows us to keep our finger on the pulse of our herds performance.

The collection of this data is objective, real performance and cannot be denied “in herd”. We believe this to be the most effective way of monitoring our herd’s performance and direction. The BREEDPLAN analysis is then the platform to measure our herd in comparison to the Santa Gertrudis breed. With careful selection and complimentary joining’s, we are creating animals that have across the board positive contributions to the major profit driving traits, namely growth, fertility, and carcass. Our end goal is producing animals that are above breed average across all their recorded traits and currently the Cree herd has a 4 1/2 from 5-star rating for completeness of performance recording which places us in the top 3 recorded Santa Gertrudis herds in Australia.

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