1930 | The Beginning
John McGuigan | Lending a hand at branding

John Richard (Dick) McGuigan ran Hereford cattle on predominately open forest country at “Kooyong” Monto in the North Burnett.

Early 1940’s
purchased a line of Hereford cows from the Hutchinson family of “Woolton Stn”, Theodore who alongside their commercial operation sold a line of stud bulls yearly.

These were the foundation breeders along with a line of stud cows and heifers purchased from Ernie Zillman from the Old Rawbelle Poll Hereford Stud Eidsvold.

Stud Bulls were also sourced from the Brisbane Exhibition stud sales.

Tom Pownall (Dick’s brother in-law) purchased a Santa Gertrudis bull from “Risdon” Warwick at the first Santa Gertrudis sale and began crossbreeding with Herefords.

William John McGuigan (John) joined the partnership and saw the benefits of the crossbred Santa Gertrudis/Hereford provided for his Uncles Tom & Geoff Pownall.

John & Merriel purchased 2 SantaGertrudis Bulls from Eidsvold Station, 9 used Gyranda bulls from Geoff Pownall. At this time there were a limited number of pure bred bulls available due to the grading up time frame, demand and the closing of the imports.

3 Brahman bulls were also obtained to go over the last of the remaining pure bred Herefords to speed up the adaptability process.

John’s brother Bruce travelled to New Zealand where he met his future wife Jan Thompson.

Bruce learnt the art of pregnancy testing from his borther in-law who was a vet.

Pregnancy Testing was introduced into the “Kooyong” herd and still continues today at Cree, 51 years later.

Shaun & Jo joined the partnership and began the grading-up program selecting the best quality cows from 1000 commercial “Kooyong” females founding the “Cree” stud herd.

Shaun introduced Electronic herd recording and the entire herd was recorded on Stockbook (Practical Systems). *Mothering up and assigning sires began.

Cree Stud was registered with the classification of the first 3X females.

Cree joined Group Breedplan, measuring the herds, growth, fertility and carcass traits.

To date EBVs generated since 1999, currently a 4 ½ star for completeness of recording.

Cree bulls are from a herd that is accurately recorded and publicized.

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